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This piece presents two distinct ideas: the Time and the Human. The first element, a brief unchanging rhythmic Tick-Tock in strings pizzicato, evokes both time and spinning stars. The second element is a melody stated in long values ​​in the low range of cellos, which gradually gains the treble (violins). This long ascending line is like a prayer to heaven. The two ideas oppose and then overlap, as if the themes of the Stars and of Human sought to touch and unite. The oboe then appears, resuming prayer but in a very happy atmosphere.
After this first part, the theme of time spreads to all the instruments of the orchestra in a choreographic rhythm. Time then becomes more resonant, more palpable, until the appearance of oboes and long values ​​of prayer hitherto forgotten. The elements come together again but with more intensity than the first time.
The third part opposes a time that has become multiple (presence of several melodic and rhythmic figures) and the slow and deep imploration of the beginning of the work. She continues in a passacaille which constantly brings the two ideas together. Their destiny seems to be forever linked and the progression reaches in a climax. Having reached this climax, the theme of man is however found alone, as if he were desperately looking for the star that arrived at its zenith.
The light play ends with a brief reminder of the theme of time (ticking) which disappears almost instantly and forever.