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Jean-Baptiste Robin is represented by
Phillip Truckenbrod Concert Artist Agency
News in Spring
11 april, 8 pm, dedication of the organ of Saint-Michel Church in Versailles.

17-19 april, Master class in Royaumont

20-22 april, Master class Versailles, Mesnil-Amelot

3 may, 3:30pm Visit-concert at the Royal chapel in Versailles and Mass

5 may, Concert trumpet and organ with David Guerrier.
Saint-Louis cathedral, 8:30pm, Musique à Versailles.
Works by Bach, Viviani, Lalande, Delerue, Tomasi, Messiane, Robin

22 may. Kaori Sakai plays Regard vers l'Aïr in Toulouse

6 june, Cercles de vent, Merit Eichhorn in Saint-Augustin church in Zurich

6 juin, Labyrinthe circulaire for clarinet ensemble in CRC in Persan

7 june, Royaumont, Organ recital on French Organ Music
(works by Milhaud, Lazare-Lévy,
Tailleferre, Puig-Roger, Dupré, Messiaen, Debussy)

8 june, recording of Trois Nuits for two cellos by François Salque and Victor Julien-Laferrière

9 june, Chant de l'Âme, for piano and clarinet by Philippe Cuper at the City Hall of Versailles

13 june, concert Bach with Saskia Lethiec, violin at Versailles Temple

New CD
Le Chant de l'Âme
(The Song of the Soul)
(éditions Billaudot)
for trumpet and string orchestra
Romain Leleu, trumpet - orchestre d'Auvergne
CD Aparté

available on iTunes, Amazon and here in HD version:

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